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Invest in Bee Farming

Invest in Bee Farming

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Invest in Bee Farming at Amyra Farms


Minimum Investment Rs 15000 
Guaranteed Returns Every Year (Tax Free) Rs 1350
Payout Period Quarterly
Lock In Period
1 Year
ROI 9%

Bee Profile :

Type of breed Indica which is local to western ghats

Total Cost

Honey Bee box cost with bee colony 15000


Different Products of bee farming in terms of value

1) Bee Venom

2) Royal Jelly

3) Bee Wax

4) Pollen

5) Honey


The Challenges of Bee Farming:

The biggest challenge in doing the bee farming is the complexity. When you do bee farming be prepared for bee stung. The other biggest challenge is the migration of bee boxes as per the pollination season.

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Why invest in Farmland

  • Rigorous Due Diligence
    Rely on our boots-on-the-ground experience to vet investment-grade farms for you.
  • Genuine Diversification
    Own long-term, real assets sourced from across India.
  • Passive Income
    Earn annual cash returns while we handle all the details.