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Estate Arte

Estate Arte

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The Estate Arte project has intelligently utilized the 20 acres land space to deliver a high-end living experience and a diverse range of facilities and services with assured yearly annual returns. Our spaces start from one acres and the Farmland contains different crops such as, Robusta, Arabica, and Apiculture e.t.c. Apart from these if you have something in mind we help you to cultivate those crops on your own land and do maintenance of the same. and the price range starts from 35,00,000 INR. 

 Price per Acre Rs 35 Lakhs
Total Acres 30
Preliminary IRR
 12 - 14%*
Current Plantation Arabica

Amyra Farms - Highlights: 

  • Project area is 20 acres.
  • 20 units ready for sale with high yield assets.
  • plot area - 1 acres available.
  • Membership in a brand new resort.
  • 360° Mountain View.
  • 10+ activities.
  • 45 mins journey from Chikkamagaluru

Nearby tourist attractions

  • Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mullayanagiri
  • Hebbe Falls
  • Kudremukh Peak
  • Jhari Waterfalls
  • Belavadi
  • Kemmangundi Peak
  • Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Shankar Falls
  • Jhari Falls
  • Manjehalli Waterfalls
  • Belur and Halebid
  • Murkannu Gudda
  • Hadlu Waterfall
  • Magajahalli Waterfalls
  • Hanumana gundi falls
  • kyathanamakki hills
  • Srimane falls

Why should I invest with amyra farms

Amyra Farms believes in the concept of integrated farming. So we are not just planting crops but we are building entire ecosystem that is required.

There are 3 parts to it.

1) Crop plantation - Currently there is arabica coffee. You will have timber and black pepper also planted for future.

2) Bee Farming - For any crop we all know how much pollination is important. By bee farming your overall crop output is bound to increase by 50%.

3) Dairy - Any crop needs manure. To counter that we would have a dairy within the estate which will not only yield product for us but also help with cow dung which we will be used not only as a manure but can also provide electricity for our farms.

Are there any Loans available

There are no loans or EMI available as on agriculture land you don’t get anything from banks. You can opt for a personal loan though.

How much return will I get return on my investment

There will be 2 revenue stream right from the first year. One would be coffee plantation which will give you upto 1.5 lakhs per year. Then second would be through bee farming which will bring another 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh.

Revenue stream after 3 years. Black pepper and other plantation would be added.

Revenue after 15 years. Trees like timber would mature by that time which be another revenue.

All revenue are income tax free.

Will I be permitted to construct my own house in Estate Arte?

You cannot construct a house on agricultural land to live in, although the land may be owned by you at Estate Arte. We dedicatedly building nature friendly cottages to who love to adopt the pace of nature.

Whats is Estate Arte Mission

To provide direct access to the luxury resort, highly returns, attractive asset, and 10+ amenities to our community members.

What is the minimum area of plot one can buy?

The  Estate Arte project has intelligently utilized the 20 acres land space to deliver a high-end living experience even for common man. The most common are those of one acre.

What are the benefits of owning a managed farmland in Estate Arte?

  • Grand entrance gate
  • wider road with lined trees.
  • Cottages For Community members.
  • Electricity.
  • Futuristic spaces.
  • Water edges.
  • surveillance across our estate.
  • Abundant water supply.
  • Natural water falls & fertile soil.

Who will handle the legal issues of the land?

Estate Arte has an in-house team of experts who look after all the legal aspects like land titles, transfers, etc.

Can anyone buy agricultural land in  Estate Arte? Are there any restrictions?

Anyone with a maximum income of 25 lakh per year from non-agricultural sources is permitted by law to buy agricultural land, irrespective of their family origin.

What is the potential return on investment (ROI) in  Estate Arte?

The ROI on Farmland is high, especially in developing and tourist emerging areas. In Estate Arte there is a high possibility of future infrastructure luxury resorts (under construction) and current commercial crops like Coffee, Apiculture and e.t.c

How is the maintenance of the farms taken care of?

A team of experienced and well-trained experts, and logistics and operation teams ensures Upkeep of all common areas like path access maintenance, farm security, irrigation systems, Rainwater harvesting, Motors / Pumps, Common Lighting, Pruning, Spraying, and Crop planning. Common areas such as Farm center and the resting areas all this is a part of the Farm Plot maintenance.

Is Estate Arte Freehold property?

Estate Arte is a freehold property, where boundaries are marked on all four sides for clear identification, each plot is geo-tagged, and stone marked, and will be registered in the name of the customer.

What type of soil in  Estate Arte?

According to the recent PH test report it is rich in nutrients that are critical for growth. in  Estate Arte PH values are regularly checked in soil and water to ensure a healthy yield and enhances the nutrient status of soil.

Is there adequate road access to my land in Estate Arte?

All the plots have internal mud road access with the width of these roads ranging from 15ft.

What kind of irrigation system is followed in Estate Arte?

Rainwater harvesting-based irrigation and active gravity water are mainly followed on the farm to ensure sufficient water supply.

Shall we get the legal documents of the land for verification?

All legal documents will be available upon signing of a Letter of Intent and token advance Rs 50,000 also verification of the original documents can be organized. Our legal team can walk you through the whole process.

What is the process involved in reselling the plot?

Re-selling farmland is a hassle-free process. After mutation of the revenue records in favor of the customers, he/she is free to transfer the property in favor of any third party or to our company. The new owner becomes a part of the same land and gets registered in Estate Arte owner’s association.

Is there a tax rebate if I invest in Estate Arte?

Agricultural land in India is not considered a Capital Asset. Therefore any gains from its sale are not taxable under the head of Capital Gains, however subject to certain specific terms and conditions as ascribed under the Income Tax Act, which should be pursued by the customers through financial advisors.

Do I have to pay any extra amount apart from what's quoted?

No extra charges shall be paid by the customer. The customer has to pay the regulatory dues such as Stamp Duty, Registration Charges, Cess, User Fee, Scanning Charges,11 E Sketch, Khata charges, Registration day expenses, etc.

What is the booking process in Estate Arte?

Soft block (plot booking) - Rs 50,000/- Allotment of plot - 50% value of booked plot. The rest of the payment will be at the registration time.

How will we get the updates about the farm and crops from Estate Arte?

We will get you real-time updates and reports by our dedicated relationship manager. In those reports customers will be able to monitor soil conditions, weather patterns, security of the plot, the progress of the plants and yields, etc.

What common amenities on farmland available in Estate Arte?

All our farmlands also come with an Eco retreat and common amenities such as Farm Center, Campsite, petting center, and Various other activities that may vary from farm to farm.

What are the security systems followed in Estate Arte?

Estate Arte pays special attention to the security of the farm We have the following systems in place:

  • CCTV in Commonly accessed areas of the farm
  • Bush hedge and fencing
  • Gated security

What is the distance from Bangalore to  Estate Arte farmland?

The distance to the Estate Arte Farmland from Yeshwantpur railway station will be 234Km. Estate Arte Farmland is located 30 Kms from chikkamagakuru town.

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  • Portfolio Diversification

    • Farmland is mostly non-correlated to other investment assets
    • Opportunity to get away from the mainstream financial system
  • Inflation Hedge

    • Large federal deficit and money printing create potential for significant inflation
    • Real asset that produces a commodity (food). Over time, inflation = higher crop income
    • “Like gold with yield”
  • Conservative Investing

    • Low historical volatility suggests relatively limited downside in bad years
    • Farmland has helped investors maintain wealth through periods of economic turmoil