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Gir Cow Dairy Farm

Gir Cow Dairy Farm

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Gir Cow Amyra Farms


Minimum Investment Rs 300000 
Guaranteed Returns Every Year (Tax Free) Rs 36000
Payout Period Quarterly
Lock In Period
1 Year
ROI 12%

Gir Cattle Breed Profile :

Gir breed purpose Mainly kept for milk production in India
Gir Cow Weigh On average bulls about 545 kg, cows about 385 kg
Gir Cow Milk Yield Very good (More than 12 litres per day)

Total Cost

Cost of the Cow 2,00,000
Feed cost for cows for one month 15,000
Animal insurance about 5% of the animal cost 10,000
Cultivation of fodder in 1-acre land 25,000
Cost of vaccine and electricity, extra emergency costs 15,000
Corpus Fund 35,000
Total Expenditure 3,00,000

The Unfortunate and Pathetic Truth of Gir Cattle:

Gir cattle are exported to Brazil for the global supply of improved breeds of cows for mass production of milk and meat. CROSS BRED cattle yield higher milk, but are not easy to maintain because they are prone to diseases, cannot be used as draught animals and their lactation reduces with each generation.

Given that the Gir is indigenous to Gujarat, local business should have been milking it to earn foreign exchange. But it seems far away Brazil is doing an improved of this. The South American country today has around 50 lakh heads of this unique breed known for high milk production.


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