How we plan to make an impact

Setting up integrated farms across the nation

The biggest challenge if you look in farming these days is missing integrated farming solutions. So what a farmer today is doing is that either he is only growing crops and selling them or some of them are just doing dairy farming and then their their separate bee keepers who are doing bee farming.

We all know why bees are important for pollination. If you have bees around your farm then your output can increase by 20-30 percent and at the same time if you have cows then you can use cow dung as manure. Not only that even make biogas can be made through cow dung which can not help in generating power but used a cooking fuel. So just imagine how the dependence on government provided electricity can be reduced.

Also the milk that  a cow produce can either be sold as a milk or multiple milk products can be made and one them is ghee. Apart from that there are other by products also which can be made and generate a extra revenue for a farmer.

The other source of income a farmer can generate is by arranging farm visits for families. At the farm itself a farmer can arrange a place to stay and give that complete feel of a village to the people from city.

This way a farmer can have multiple increased source of revenue. We are working towards building these farm models and persuade other farmers to join us. We will not only help them with the right natural way of farming but build a community of farms so that the produce can be directly reached to the customer.