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Why Farmland?

Alongside a rapidly growing global population and demand for food, farmland offers a truly diversified investment opportunity with attractive long-term returns.

  • Make Money 2 Ways

    Land is one of the oldest investment classes in existence, producing vast wealth over generations.

  • 01

    Land value increases over time

  • 02

    Annual payments from farmers for the produce.

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Why Amyra Farms?

  • Rigorous Due Diligence
    Rely on our boots-on-the-ground experience to vet investment-grade farms for you.
  • Genuine Diversification
    Own long-term, real assets sourced from across India.
  • Passive Income
    Earn annual cash returns while we handle all the details.
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For Farmers

Amyra Farms is a team of farmers and land specialists working to help farmers scale through innovative sales and leasing opportunities. We work both as a direct buyer of farmland as well as a capital partner, raising funds for farmers to purchase and develop new properties. Our process is fast and transparent, with an average time to close of 30-45 days, allowing farmers to quickly and easily add or keep acres within their operation.

  • Expand Your Operation

    Grow your operation by increasing the leased acreage.

  • Pursue a Sale/Leaseback

    Pursue additional capital while keeping acres within your operation.

  • Raise funds for capital improvements

    Raise funds to develop or improve farm productivity.

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