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Years of experience

₹23 Lacs+

Minimum Investment

300 Acres+

Total Land Acquired

Why Choose Amyra Farms?

Amidst a rapidly expanding global population and rising demand for food, Amyra Farms presents a diversified investment opportunity with promising long-term returns. With our diverse offerings, you can customize your investments according to your financial goals.

Asset Class
Farmland with Amyra

Mutual Funds

Fixed Deposits (FD)

Share Market

Property Gains
Attractive Yield
Low Volatility
Equity Build Up
No Leverage
Hard Asset
Inflation Hedge
Average Annual Return * 14.0% 12.0% 8.0% 6.4% 6.5%

*Note: The above comparisons are made to provide you with an understanding of the differences between various investment options. Past performance does not guarantee future results, and the trend may not continue. All returns are estimates and assume reinvestment of dividends. The provided information is not meant to represent the results of an actual investment. Returns do not include any management fees, transaction costs, or expenses. The risk/reward profile for each asset class varies significantly. You cannot invest directly in an index.


Diverse Opportunities, Diverse Returns: Step into a world of handpicked, growth-centric, and sustainable investment opportunities.

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Five Simple Steps to Your Investment

Seamlessly Invest in Top-notch Farms and Reap Sustained Returns

Farm & Entity Selection

Only top-notch farms pass our stringent review process. Every selected farm, along with its legal title, is incorporated into a unique entity, generally an LLC.


Peace of Mind: We value your trust and aim to provide you with peace of mind throughout your investment journey. With asset-backed security, you can have confidence in the solidity of your investment and focus on reaping the rewards of your partnership with Amyra Farms.


We at Amyra Farms handle every aspect of property management and administration. From liaising with local farmers to insurance, accounting, and soil sustainability - we've got it covered.

Tax-Free Returns

Tax-Free Returns: One of the most appealing aspects of investing in agriculture at Amyra Farms is the opportunity for tax-free returns. Agriculture investments often come with favorable tax benefits, providing you with the potential to maximize your earnings and enjoy tax-free income. It's a win-win situation that allows you to grow your wealth while minimizing your tax liabilities.

Secure Investment

Secure Investment: With our Buy-Back guarantee, your investment in land at Amyra Farms is safeguarded. We provide you with the assurance that we will repurchase the land from you, ensuring liquidity and minimizing any potential risks. It's a secure investment option that allows you to enjoy the benefits of land ownership with added peace of mind.

*Note - Investment involves risk. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Please review all investment details and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.

When investing in agriculture, you typically receive several forms of security, including:

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