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Karak Chai | Strong Tea

Karak Chai | Strong Tea

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In the lush surroundings of Assam, Amyra Farms shares a story woven into every cup of their exceptional CTC Kadak Chai. In the early morning light, the skilled hands of tea harvesters carefully select the finest leaves, chosen for their top-tier quality. These leaves embark on a journey, undergoing the age-old Crush, Tear, Curl (CTC) method – a technique perfected by the artisans at Amyra Farms.

This method is a choreography of crushing, tearing, and curling, coaxing out the robust flavors and essential oils within the leaves. Not only does it give the tea a strong taste, but it also expedites the release of flavors and imparts a rich, amber color, setting the stage for the perfect strong Kadak Chai.

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