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Spice Haven (Coffee Estate in Chikmagalur)

Spice Haven (Coffee Estate in Chikmagalur)

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Return Rate            12%-14% IRR

Payout                    Once a Year

Lock-In                    1 Year

Investment            Rs. 25,00,000

Price for half an acre Rs 25 Lakhs
Total Acres 6.05
Booking Amount Rs. 50,000
Preliminary IRR
 12 - 14%*
Current Plantation Arabica Coffee, Black Pepper, Vanilla

Welcome to Amyra Farms' Spice Haven - A Treasure of Flavor and Aroma

At Spice Haven, we invite you to experience the essence of nature's finest treasures on our lush 6-acre plantation nestled in the heart of Chickmagalur. Our estate is a haven for those who appreciate the beauty and taste of Arabica coffee, pepper, vanilla, and clove.

Our Plantations

Arabica Coffee: Our Arabica coffee beans are cultivated with utmost care, benefiting from the region's perfect altitude and climate. Each cup of our coffee reflects the dedication and passion we pour into every step of the cultivation process.

Pepper: Spice up your life with the bold, flavorful pepper that grows abundantly in our plantation. Our pepper vines thrive in the rich soil and are known for their distinctive taste and aroma.

Vanilla: Our vanilla orchids produce the most exquisite vanilla beans. We carefully hand-pollinate and nurture these delicate plants, resulting in the finest vanilla flavor that enhances both sweet and savory dishes.

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