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Estate Arte (Coffee Estate)

Estate Arte (Coffee Estate)

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Return Rate            14%-17% IRR

Payout                    Once a Year

Lock-In                    1 Year

Investment            Rs. 4500000

Price per Acre Rs 45 Lakhs
Total Acres 100
Booking Amount Rs. 50,000
Preliminary IRR  12 - 14%*
Current Plantation Arabica Coffee, Black Pepper, Vanilla, Clove


Amyra Farms' Estate Arte: A Serene Coffee Estate on Baba Buden Giri Hills, Chikmagalur

Welcome to Estate Arte, the captivating coffee estate nestled amidst the enchanting Baba Buden Giri hills of Chikmagalur, meticulously managed by Amyra Farms. Situated at an elevation of 3500 feet above sea level, this pristine estate is a haven of tranquility, embraced by majestic 100-year-old jungle trees.

Within this verdant landscape, our arabica coffee plantation flourishes, benefiting from the shade and nourishment provided by the lush canopy above. With an unwavering commitment to organic and scientific methods, we cultivate our coffee and a range of other high-yielding agricultural products.


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