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Hillsong Coffee Estate - Managed Coffee Estate in Sakleshpur

Hillsong Coffee Estate - Managed Coffee Estate in Sakleshpur

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Return Rate            14%-17% IRR

Payout                    Once a Year

Lock-In                    1 Year

Investment            Rs. 23,00,000

Price for half an acre  Rs 23 Lakhs
Price per acre Rs 45 Lakhs
Total Acres 150
Booking Amount Rs. 200000
Preliminary IRR
 14 - 17%*
Current Plantation Robusta Coffee, Black Pepper, Clove, Cardamom


Amyra Farms Hillsong Coffee Estate where the hills of Sakleshpur resonate with the robust melody of coffee cultivation, creating a symphony of flavors.

An extraordinary venture nestled in the heart of the picturesque Sakleshpur Hills. This managed farmland project is an ode to the robusta coffee cultivation, bringing together nature's beauty and the rich heritage of Sakleshpur. Here's a detailed overview of what makes Hillsong Coffee Orchards a distinctive and captivating project:

Sakleshpur's Tranquil Hills: Hillsong is more than just a coffee estate; it's a haven where the lush hills of Sakleshpur create a serene backdrop for robusta coffee cultivation. The elevation and climate contribute to the distinct flavor profile of our coffee beans.

Mist-Kissed Elegance: Sakleshpur is renowned for its mist-kissed landscapes, and Hillsong Coffee Estate takes full advantage of this natural phenomenon. The mist that blankets the hills adds a touch of elegance to the coffee-growing process, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Managed Farmland Excellence: Hillsong is not merely an estate; it's a managed farmland project where every aspect of coffee cultivation is overseen with excellence. Our team of experienced agronomists and farmers employs sustainable practices to enhance both the quality of the coffee and the environmental well-being of the region.

Legacy of Sakleshpur: Hillsong Coffee Estate pays homage to the rich heritage of Sakleshpur. We embrace the cultural significance of the land, incorporating traditional methods alongside modern innovations to create a coffee legacy that resonates with the soul of Sakleshpur.

Vision and Impact: Our vision for Hillsong Coffee Estate extends beyond cultivating coffee; it's about creating an immersive experience that allows investors to connect with the land, the culture, and the legacy of Sakleshpur. By investing in Hillsong, you are not just partaking in a managed farmland project; you are becoming a custodian of Sakleshpur's coffee heritage.

Investment Opportunities: Hillsong Coffee Estate offers a unique opportunity to investors who appreciate the artistry of coffee cultivation and seek a venture that combines nature's beauty with sustainable practices. The project promises returns not only in terms of financial gains but also in the satisfaction of contributing to the preservation of Sakleshpur's coffee legacy.

Join us at Hillsong Coffee Estate, where every cup tells a story of Sakleshpur's tranquil hills and the robust character of its coffee. Invest in the rhapsody of robusta, and let the journey begin.

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