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Hillsong Coffee Estate - Managed Coffee Estate in Sakleshpur

Hillsong Coffee Estate - Managed Coffee Estate in Sakleshpur

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Return Rate            12%-14% IRR

Payout                    Once a Year

Lock-In                    1 Year

Investment            Rs. 30,00,000

Revenue Structure 70 (Owner):30 (Amyra Farms)
Price per acre Rs 30 Lakhs Starting
Total Acres 150
Booking Amount Rs. 200000
Preliminary IRR
 12 - 14%*
Current Plantation Robusta Coffee, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Areca nut

Amyra Farms Hillsong Coffee Estate where the hills of Sakleshpur resonate with the robust melody of coffee cultivation, creating a symphony of flavors.

Unlock the Potential: Invest in Our Diverse Crop Portfolio in Sakleshpur!

Explore Our Managed Coffee Estate for Sale, Flourishing with Robusta Coffee, Black Pepper, Areca Nut, Ginger, and Cardamom.

🌱 Robusta Coffee: It thrives in lower altitudes and is more resistant to pests and diseases, making it a popular choice for cultivation in various regions.

🌶️ Black Pepper: Add Spice to Your Investment Portfolio with this High-Demand Crop. Our black pepper variety has a potential to give 4 tons of pepper per acre. This variety is even awarded by government of India. 

🥥 Areca Nut: Sustainably Harvested for Traditional and Commercial Use.

🌰 Cardamom: Known for its Exquisite Flavor and Premium Value and generates a good revenue source.

Join us at Hillsong Coffee Estate, where every cup tells a story of Sakleshpur's tranquil hills and the robust character of its coffee. Invest in the rhapsody of robusta, and let the journey begin.

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